Your Core: What Details are you Passionate about in your Business?

What Details are you Passionate about in your Creative Business
What Details are you Passionate about in your Creative Business

What is the reason WHY you do these things?

In asking you this question, I’m not looking for an answer of what you do, or how you do things, or who you make things for.  I’m simply asking you, what is it that you’re passionate about within your business, and what is the reason WHY you do each of these things?

On September 22nd, I’ll be leading a 60 minute class delivered in a webinar format that will help you to Define Your Niche with a simple five step method.  One of the topics I will cover that day will be asking you this question.  

What is your WHY behind everything you want to do in your business?

That may seem like a really loaded question to start with - in fact, the majority of the time, when people ask this question to us, there’s a really good chance that we might fumble or reply with a quick answer.Because it's fun.Because someone told me I should do this for a business.Because I know I can make money from it.Although these may be a part of your business, are they necessarily part of your Core Business Values?   Dig a little deeper, because the Core of your business is the why behind why you do everything you do.  When you are missing your “why”, you lack direction, passion, energy, and creativity. Everything suffers. Part of knowing who you are as a business and who your clients are is uncovering your core beliefs, because they will guide everything you do.

So instead, let’s expand upon your ideas a bit more and really think about things.  We are going to focus specifically within the details that make up your business for this post today, but this method can be used in many different ways to make your Core have a stronger foundation.

What are you passionate about within your business, and WHY do those details matter?

Get a pen and a piece of paper and start to write them down. Think of this as a major brainstorming session, where the goal is to get everything out of your mind and down on paper. Specifically, let’s focus in on what’s most important to you within your business. Take the time to write down the details that you care passionately about.  

Is it providing amazing customer service?

Is it sending packages in the mail that are customized in a way that they are simply fun to receive?Write down everything that you can think of, and when you have a good collection of thoughts down, circle FIVE of the things you wrote that are the most important to you, or the ones you know will be easiest to begin with.  Then, write them on the next page, next to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.Below each one, simply answer the question WHY, each one building upon the previous one, until you have three valid reasons to back it up even more.I’ll continue with the two examples for you here to help.

1.  I want to provide amazing customer service.

       a. (why?) because I want every single one of my customers to know how appreciated they are.

       b. (why?) because I know what it’s like to be treated like I’m just a number, and I don’t want my business to be that way.

       c. (why?) because I want every customer to know that when they return to purchase from me again every single experience will be the same, which should be a great one.

2. I want to send packages in the mail customized in a way they are simply fun to receive.

For this example, have a visual of gold mylar bubble mailers with a custom “hooray!” sticker on the outside, the item(s) inside wrapped together in ribbon, complete with a handwritten note added with washi tape. And, write it like you are speaking directly to a person who would receive it.

       a. (why?) because I want your heart sing with happiness the moment you open your mailbox and see the gold bubble mailer, knowing it’s what you’ve been waiting for.

       b. (why?) because I wanted you to feel like you’re unwrapping a present when untying the ribbon.

       c. (why?) because I want you to know I appreciate you for supporting my small business, and the personal touches matter.

Take the Time to Build your WHY into the Foundation of your Creative Business - Society for Creative Founders
Take the Time to Build your WHY into the Foundation of your Creative Business - Society for Creative Founders

Fill out the entire worksheet, or even print additional copies if you want to answer every piece that you wrote initially.  As you're building your business, continue to come back to saying to yourself,

It is important that I/we _____ because ____ .

When you start to get into this habit, every single time asking yourself “why”, you’ll start to internalize this as a habit, starting to question details every time and really hone in on why these parts make up the values of your business.  You’ll start to see consistencies, and your Core Values will begin to align with everything you want your business to encompass.

These pieces are the foundation of your business and they will sustain you as you continue to build it.  Always build upon your why, and you’ll be on the right track to success.

This was only one of the many pieces we’ll work through in the “Defining your Niche” webinar on September 22nd. If you found this helpful and want to work on Your Core, building your business even stronger, click here for more details and to register.

Defining your Niche - Webinar with Society for Creative Founders
Defining your Niche - Webinar with Society for Creative Founders