December Homework :: 2015 Planning Worksheet

2015 Planning Worksheet

December is notoriously the time for planning for the upcoming year. I have spoken to some of you recently on coaching calls and there are some BIG dreams out there! I've also heard that many of you are a tad bit overwhelmed with those dreams – feeling like there are so many steps to reach them, and you're feeling like you're at a standstill for not knowing where to start.

Big dreams don't happen overnight. So, your goals for 2015 aren't going to be completed in quarter one. It's going to take time, and it should take planning and goal setting to make them happen if you are going to be successful at reaching them.

One thing that has helped me in yearly planning is to look at the bigger picture and understanding that I need to stretch my goals throughout the year to avoid burn out and overwhelm.

Remember, you can't juggle too many things without dropping one or two of them. 

Below, you can download our 2015 Planning Worksheet for you to download. Follow these steps to plan your overall goals for 2015:

  1. At the top, write your 3 overarching goals for 2015 at the top.
  2. Then under those 3 goals, write the three over-arching things you need to do to get started before you do anything else.
  3. Thirdly, cross of 3 months that are your busiest months or months that you'd like to take off as a break, time for reflection, summer vacation, or busy seasons.
  4. Take your 9 action items and plug them into the months on the calendar. Here's the trick… you can't put more than one goal in each month because you can't feasibly tackle more than one a month throughout your year. 

These goals should be big enough (huge even) that you will use the entire month to accomplish them.

You can then use a free program like RedBooth (what I use to plan projects) to fill in the more detailed and time consuming tasks under each of your months to reach the over-arching goal.

Hold yourself accountable. Plug those action items into your weekly and daily plan and make sure you accomplish them. I promise, if you look at it in this way, you'll avoid burn out and overwhelm, be able to focus on your goals one at a time, and easily plan and visualize your 2015 schedule.

You can download your 2015 Planning Worksheet here. Fill it out and then tell us what your 2015 goals our by using #statacadcommunity and tag us on Instagram (<---- this is the accountability part!)