Our creative conference swag isn't just pretty, it builds community

Society for Creative Founders Conference Swag This place setting is from our Phoenix conference in 2015. What you see may just look like a lot of swag, but what you're really seeing here is a community. That cute pink bag holds all of the attendees' business cards so that they can keep in touch long after the conference is over. The hooray pennant, the tumbler, the mug, the wrapped package and coasters, are all from alums who send in items to share so that our attendees can feel the encouragement and support from our community. The stamp, pen, paper and the pencils are from our generous sponsors who take the time to personalize things for our attendees to show how great their products are, yes, but also to show them the possibilities of using their products. It may mean a new product line for a business. So what seems like stuff, is really a great way for people to connect! We love our community!

Photo by: Life Created