Creating a Loyal League with your Customers and Clients - Guest Post by Shunta Grant

Creating a Loyalty League with your Customers and Clients by Shunta Grant
Creating a Loyalty League with your Customers and Clients by Shunta Grant

Customers and clients are at the center of every business and the most successful business owners strive not to simply acquire clients, but to create a loyal following that is committed to your brand and all that it represents.  

I call this distinguished group of clients your “loyal league.”  

It was cultivating a loyal league within Because of Zoe Designs that allowed me to walk away from the legal field and pursue entrepreneurship full time.  When you have this loyal customer base it leads to consistency and growth in not only your sales, but within your business as a whole.  As such, it is critical that every business strives to create lasting impressions with their customers and clients, transforming them from merely “one hit wonders” into members of your “loyal league.”


I am thrilled to speak on the topic of Your Client at this years Creative Founders Conference. While there are a number of strategic steps to help you create a loyal league (all of which I am sharing during the conference) today, I want to share one strategy that you can begin to apply today to help you transform the way that you communicate with your audience and client.

Creating a Loyalty League with your Customers and Clients by Shunta Grant
Creating a Loyalty League with your Customers and Clients by Shunta Grant

Cultivating a loyal league requires that we, as business owners, take our eyes off of ourselves, off of our products and off of our services and place our primary focus on the needs, wants and desires of our audience.  Once you do that, you no longer communicate from a place of, “hey you, buy my thing,” rather the conversation sounds more like, “friend, I understand the problem/need that you have and I also understand why finding the solution matters to your business and/or life.”

 This one shift in your conversation, in your copy, in the way that you market and speak to your customer moves you from just a business offering widgets to a brand that can speak to the heart of your customer.  Trust me, this makes all the difference in creating lasting relationships, in standing apart from the crowd and being remarkable in the marketplace.

I want to challenge you to look beyond what you sell and focus on why you created it in the first place.  Sit down and answer these questions:

1.  What problem/need/desire do you solve/meet for your audience?

2.  Why is finding a solution or having this desire/need met important to your audience? How does it affect their business or life?

3.  What would life look like for your customer if they were to utilize your product or service successfully?

I would love to hear your answers to these questions in the comments!  Remember, the key is to take your eyes off of wanting to meet a need in your business and focus on meeting the need of your customer.  Once you do that, you and your business needs will be taken care of!  Your customer is at the center of your business and once you start there with all that you do and say, you are well on your way to creating members of your very own loyal league!

Join me at the Creative Founders Conference this April and let’s talk about how you can develop this loyal league within your business.  I’ll be looking for you!