Creating Cohesive Collections | Founder Class

Creating Cohesive Collections - Class with Society for Creative Founders

As a product designer or a maker, many times it may come to mind to create a product collection.  Perhaps you want to sell more than one item at a time or you want to have a cohesive process for everything you’re creating.  A product collection is a great way to do this, and it’s easy to do it well and do it in a way that works for your business.

Additionally, your customers can begin to learn and recognize your products once your product lines are established, and they’ll begin to recognize your work and your style when you post an image online, or even better, if they pop into a store and recognize your work without even seeing your logo.

We want to help you to make your next Collection even better, by offering a FREE class on September 20th, 2018, all about Creating Cohesive Collections. Join us HERE!

The definition of a product line is a group of related products produced by one manufacturer. So for example, a line of tees, or mugs, or hats, or scarves or jewelry or anything else that is individually created in the same place.  You can mix product lines which is then called your product mix, but for this class in particular, we’ll be honing in on product lines to create collections.

Our goal with this class is to help you to create a cohesive collection, which is what this class will be focused on entirely. We'll discuss everything you need to know to develop a strong collection, discussing guidelines, tips, and examples to help you to develop a cohesive collection for your shop.

How many of us have gone to an online shop to see what they have for sale for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas, even for gifting purposes?  When you create a product collection around certain holidays, if that is what is good for your business, as it’s not necessarily great for all businesses, people will come back over and over again to see what’s new.

Creating Cohesive Collections - Founder Class by Society for Creative Founders

When you’re creating your product lines, you want to group them in like-items. In like colors, like products, so that if you think of them as if they were in a magazine together, everything would make sense.  Think of your collection as how it would look on a gallery wall, so that your clients will want to buy every single one of your products because they’re all cohesive but different in such a way that they’re perfect together.

It’s much easier to make one-off items, and to have a little of this and a little of that available in your shop for people to purchase. However, when you resist that urge to pay attention to #allthethings and make sure you’re only nurturing and creating the ones that truly can benefit your business in the long run and create a sustainable business where people consistently can see the items that you create, the better off you’ll be.

In this free class, we'll cover:

‣ Creating your collection's characteristics in a way that will be distinctive to your business and your brand

‣  Developing your signature style that will help people to recognize your work every time they see it

‣  Define your collection's main pieces that all go together cohesively

‣  Determine the product lines to create for your specific collection

...and more!

We want your time to be well spent during this class, for it to be actionable and help you to get closer to launching a product collection of your own. So, we'll also be providing a set of worksheets for you to work through things as you go.

In addition, we will include a live Q+A session where you will be able to receive immediate feedback from Kristin and the webinar group.  If you're planning to create a product line of any kind, you won't want to miss this class. Sign up to join us HERE!