How to connect your vision with your goals - Goal Milestones

How to connect goals and vision for creative business - goal milestones
How to connect goals and vision for creative business - goal milestones

This is lesson 3 of a four-part series called "Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time! Challenge" Class. You can read lesson 1 here and lesson 2 here. To learn more, read this post about the class. 


The new year is right around the corner. We have a family tradition around here of eating black peas and collard greens and watching football (it’s the south!). But we always start our morning watching the Rose Parade.

My favorite part, other than the beautifully artistic floats, is seeing the marching bands. There is a ton of excitement for these kids. Many of them are traveling that length for the first time, plus they get to be on TV! Maybe I love it because I was in the concert band in middle school and joined the dance team in my high school band - something that I think shaped my life greatly.

As the bands file down the streets of California, they are in perfect formation. If you know anything about marching bands, they are led by a drum major with a big baton who keeps time and order.

Now, you may be thinking, how in the world does this relate to goal setting, Jennifer? Well, the drum major keeps the tempo and everyone watches him (or her) to make sure they stay on time, in line, and playing the right notes.

I want you to visualize yourself as the drum major holding that big baton. That baton is your life and business vision. Your band members are your 1,001 ideas.

Now, as the drum major, you’d probably organize your members into sections and communicate with them what you want them to do, right? You’d show them the baton and share with them your vision.

Which is exactly the problem when it comes to goal setting: we don’t communicate between our vision and goals - there are no goal milestones of steps to connect them.

Without connecting your vision and goals, you’re going to have a bunch of marching ideas with no common direction. That’s one hot mess of a band! Which is why you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnout, and confused.

You see, your vision isn’t made up a singular statement. It’s made up of your larger mission and then smaller goal milestones to help you set your more tactical goals.

Are you missing the steps between your vision and goals? Are you creating goal milestones the right way?

In today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about creating goal milestones to get a little more specific. You have these big, long-term visions mapped out from lesson 2—but it can feel a little overwhelming to think about how you’ll actually get there.

After we set the milestones, we’ll start actually writing down the goals that you want to accomplish next year - only the ones that align with your vision and milestones - and then make sure you’re measuring them correctly. Because a goal isn’t real without knowing how to reach it and when to pop the champagne and celebrate!


Now it’s time to take action!  This is step 3 in our challenge. Take a little time to do what was suggested and complete the exercises. Remember, learning is just knowledge until it’s implemented, so dothework.