Conference Companion Rates Available for this Fall's Conference!

2018 Fall Creative Founders Conference - Conference Companion Rates Available!

This Fall, we are thrilled about everything that we have that is new for our Fall Creative Founders Conference! Not only are we offering different sessions to further meet your needs, at a venue that we think will feel like you're on vacation while you're working, and getting together from Thursday - Sunday to better suit your schedules, we also were able to do rates available at varied pricing!  In addition to be able to vary pricing based on the room you choose, we have one additional item that we are thrilled to share with you, and that is that Conference Companion Rates will be available for this year's Conference!

If you want to come with a friend to enjoy this Conference Experience with, we know how much of a difference it can make for you both, and also how much more you might enjoy having someone you know as your roommate.  So, this year we have a "Conference Companion" savings available for you when you both sign up!

When you both register for this Fall to be in the same room, as long as you note on the Registration Forms that you would like to be roommates, you will each save an additional $100 on your Registrations!   We think that this will be great for those of you in particular who know that you'll be more comfortable being in a room with a friend that you know, where it will enhance your Experience even more!

This rate will only be available as long as there are available spots left in the room that you request.  Once that room is no longer available, the Conference Companion Rates for that particular room will no longer be available.  So, if you are reading this and want to sign up for this year's Conference with a friend, you will want to consider registering sooner than later before this opportunity is no longer available!

We know that there are quite a few of you who will be excited about this for this year, and we're ecstatic to be able to offer it for you as well!  If you have any questions about this in particular, contact us here, and we hope to see you at this Fall's 2018 Creative Founders Conference Experience!