The Creative Founders Community Opens on December 1st!

This is an announcement that a few of you have been waiting for for a long time, and today, we can finally share it with all of you!

 We believe that learning and community go hand in hand. So we created a place where you can learn together, on a monthly basis.  On Friday, December 1st, until Friday, December 8th, the Community will be open for everyone to join for the 2018 year!

We have a lot of exciting things planned, including Monthly Masterclasses taught by six of our Creative Founders Conference Alumni.  Our Community will be available to join at two "levels", both at a Basic Option and an Advanced Option.


All women who become members of our Creative Founders Community at the Advanced Level will receive access to our Past Webinar Vault, which includes all of the replays available from our Fall Webinar Series and 20 additional classes and webinars from previous years, access to our Resource Library, a Member Directory with all members included,  as well as Community groups for your specific needs to help you to build community with like-minded creative entrepreneurs. Those in our Community will also be able to apply for the Community-Specific Annual Retreat in the Fall of 2018.

The newest addition that we are most excited about is our group of monthly Masterclasses.  A lot of times, we see that so many courses and classes are available to take, but you are completely on your own once you purchase them.  With our classes, the first month we'll have a masterclass led by our Community speaker, taught in a webinar format, and for the three weeks that follow, we'll set actionable goals to help you with the specific needs for your business for each class. Beginning in January 2018, for our Advanced Community Members, we will have monthly masterclasses taught by six of our Conference Alumni, on these various topics below.

Each month will include an interactive class followed by  weeks of goal-setting inside of groups inside of our Community itself - no more setting goals without someone to guide you along as you make steps to build a better business. Specifically, we have these classes planned for the first half of 2018:


Welcome to the Community + Getting the Most out of your Membership, led by Kristin Wilson of Creative Founders


Creating Products from a Heartfelt Place, led by Lisa Funk of Handlettered Design


How to Use Video to Highlight your Products, led by Sarah Baumann of Signet Sealed 


How to Weatherproof your Business, led by Amy Braswell of Paperfinch Design


How to Use Seasonal Marketing in your Business, led by Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats


Your Money Toolkit + Organizing your Finances, led by Janet LeBlanc of Paper and Spark


A Mid-Year Review + Planning for the Remainder of 2018, led by Kristin Wilson of Creative Founders

Our July - December Classes will be announced in the Early Summer, so that we can make sure we are delivering what you need the most in your business, which will be based upon trends and needs we see in the beginning of 2018. In addition to the monthly masterclasses, an Advanced Membership includes everything below!

Community Groups

In addition to the monthly masterclasses, we will also have groups for our Advanced Members inside of our membership site, including groups for your specific niche.  Whether you are an online or retail shop owner, or a wedding invitation designer, a graphic designer, or an artist, we have groups created specifically for you, with people in them to offer support whenever you may need it.  Our Community groups are all brand new, and will be filled with creative founders looking to grow their business while creating meaningful friendships.   Additionally, we have created focus groups right here on our site in the Advanced Membership, which pair with our Founder Classes and more.

Member Directory

We will also have a member directory with all of our members, including ways for you to connect with each other and build relationships as your business grows as well. Are you wondering who else does stationery, where they are located, or how to connect with them online? Our Member Directory helps you with all of that.

Resources and Downloads

Advanced Members will receive access to a plethora of tried-and-true resources we can’t do business without. This includes free downloads, access to past challenges, and numerous resources.

Past Webinar Vault

Did you know that we have done over 20 webinars in the last few years, and every single one that was available with a recording is housed inside of the Community? If you missed out on a replay or want to learn something specific, chances are we have something you are looking for.  There are three free past webinars in our Vault for Basic Members, with access to many more past webinar recordings in the Advanced Membership.


Our goal within our community is to help and nurture the business and heart of every single person who joins us.  We are here to help, and this is a way that we know we can help to make a difference in your business.  We want to foster a community, and think this is an amazing way to bring more of us together while helping all of you to meet your individual business goals as well.

If you would like more information, we will be doing a short Facebook Live on Friday, December 1st at 10am CST.  RSVP to join us here, and we can't wait to have you as a part of our Community beginning on December 1st for 2018!