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Your Next 90 Days | how will you wrap up this year?

I know that for a lot of us, quarter 4 is the busiest time for our businesses. Especially if you're a product shop, you know that with Q4 comes holiday shopping for your clients and customers, and with that, it means that you've potentially got a lot on your plate to maintain and balance.

However, even if you're beginning to pick up speed in your business for the next few months, I want you to think about what YOU want the remainder of 2019 to hold for you as well.

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Press Start and Go | A Note of Encouragement

Recently, I’ve had more and more conversations with business owners who have an incredible idea for their business, but they’re afraid of X, Y, or Z happening, so instead of moving forward, they file it away in the “someday” folder. Today I wanted to talk about that just a bit, and give you encouragement at the same time.

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How to Write a Mission Statement

How many times are you asked that question and get a little uncomfortable, because you either (a) aren't confident in your answer or (b) aren't sure the best way to answer it, so you just kind of wrestle your way through it?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The way to make answering this question a lot easier is by doing one foundational thing for your business. And today, we've got a step by step rundown on how to crafting a mission statement for your business to help you to answer that question confidently from now on.

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Choosing a Word of the Year with Shawna Clingerman

Every year, we hear about people setting resolutions, planning out goals, making vision boards, and choosing a word of the year. Shawna Clingerman has created an annual project with one of these in particular, and we have loved seeing how she has embraced this and brought it in as a part of her business at the beginning of the year each year!

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The 2017 Creative Founders Conference, Day 1 Recap!

A look back at our 2017 Creative Founders Conference...

In early March of 2017, 20 women walked through the doors of the Lee House for our 2017 Creative Founders Conference.  They were excited, nervous, and walked in knowing that so many things for their business were about to change. The next four days that transpired were some of the most memorable for the year, and it has been incredible to see them grow in so many different ways.  

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How to Measure Success in your Business

How do you measure success in your business?  What's important to you?

How do you measure SUCCESS in your business?  This is such a good question to ask, as we all see it differently. Yes, this may be a numbers based question, but it's also based on our emotions and feelings too.

We've asked experts in our in community - women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share - to contribute to our blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder.

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Pursue your Passion instead of #allthethings.

Sometimes, it can be REALLY hard to niche down or build a business offering less instead of saying yes when we are creative entrepreneurs.  It is so easy to think “I can do this, and this, and this” simply because we can, or because we’re trying to build our portfolios for “exposure”, we don’t want to tell people no, or the money is talking, so we just choose to say yes.However, when you decide to really hone in on the kind of a business you want to be known for, it will be a huge shift in so many things - who you attract, what you design, even where your success story can truly begin.

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Your Core: What Details are you Passionate about in your Business?

What is the reason WHY you do these things?

In asking you this question, I’m not looking for an answer of what you do, or how you do things, or who you make things for.  I’m simply asking you, what is it that you’re passionate about within your business, and what is the reason WHY you do each of these things?

On September 22nd, I’ll be leading a 60 minute class delivered in a webinar format that will help you to Define Your Niche with a simple five step method.  One of the topics I will cover that day will be asking you this question.  

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Productivity Tips

Creative entrepreneurs share their insights on how to hold yourself accountable when you work by yourself and their tips for keeping up your productivity!

We've asked experts in our in community - women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share - to contribute to blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder.

This week's question is: How do you hold yourself accountable? What productivity habits do you have?

Read on to find out how our Creative Founders keep themselves accountable for their work and the productivity habits that help them stay on track

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Starting a Creative Business

We've asked experts in our in community - women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share - to contribute to blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder.

This month's question is: How did you start your business? What tips do you have for getting up and running?

When it comes to starting a creative business, we all have been to the end of Google. Our contributors talk below about starting a creative business and the things that helped them. There is some great advice below on starting a creative business–from starting slow and small, to finding your signature style, bootstrapping it, not getting caught up in perfection, hard work, and making money. Read below to learn more about their journey in starting a creative business.

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Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Funk of Handlettered Design

We're so excited to shine the spotlight on Lisa Funk, of Hand Lettered Design today! Lisa is a hand lettering artist and Creative Founder of Hand Lettered Design where she loves teaching others how lettering can be an incredibly meaningful outlet and positive force in the world. She lives in Gilbert, AZ. with her husband and 3 littles. Lisa attended the Creative Founders Conference this past March. Read on to find out more about Lisa and her business journey!

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