Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Shelly

Ashley Shelly - Society for Creative Founders Alumni Spotlight

When it comes to planning for your business, have you ever wondered how the people who design the planners you use come to creating the specific items for you?

Or,  are you perhaps wondering what a planner would suggest to help you to plan for your own business?

Well today you are in luck, because we have the incredible Ashley Shelly on the blog for an Alumni Spotlight!

Read on to learn more about Ashley Shelly and her business consisting of planners and notebooks!

Do you consider yourself a maker, an artist, or a designer, or a mix of them all?

An artist and a designer. I design my products (planners and notebooks) and think in great detail about their function and appearance, but I also create original artwork for the covers through painting and drawing.

Ashley Shelly 2018 Planners
Ashley Shelly Notebook Bestie
Daily Peace Journal by Ashley Shelly

Did you participate in the Conference, the Course, or the Community?

I attended the Conference in 2017.

How did you learn to do what you do now?

I learned the technical aspects of design during my time in college getting my bachelors degree in graphic design, but I have been artistic since I was a small child. My Mom always encouraged my creative and crafty side, supplying me with everything I needed to always be making something. Thanks Mom!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I used to work in the fashion industry and still have a strong love for that world, so I always enjoy looking to fashion for inspiration. I will look through magazines and websites, and walk around stores pulling ideas from things like clothing patterns and fabrics. It's one of my favorite parts of my job as a designer!

What do you most like to create, or what is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite thing to create is cover designs for my planners and notebooks! That's where I get to show the most creativity. I typically design them in Illustrator and Photoshop, but also incorporate hand painted acrylic work.

Planning and Productivity Tips with Ashley Shelly

What is one of your favorite products you have created?

The Budget Notebook. It was my very first official physical product that I put out into the world, and since 2013 I've sent out thousands of them into the world to help women manage their finances. Having an impact like that in a positive way for others is such a blessing. Designing new covers for them each product launch is also a favorite!

If you could offer ONE piece of advice to a fellow creative, what would it be?

Try to schedule out your tasks for your business as far ahead as possible. Take the time to find a routine that keeps you on task and moving forward each day. Being a business owner takes discipline, work ethic, and inspiration. So, I suggest making a schedule for yourself and sticking to it as much as you can. Be specific with daily to-dos, and think far into the future as well, planning out major points throughout the year(s).

Do you have anything coming up soon that you would like to share?

I launched my Spring 2018 line of Budget Notebooks, Notebook Besties, and Daily Peace Journals earlier this year, and I'll be releasing my 2019 Ashley Shelly Planners in early September this year!

Thank you so much for sharing today Ashley, we look forward to seeing what you create for your 2019 Collection and beyond!

Keep up with Ashley Shelly and support her business here:  Website | Facebook | Instagram