Our 2016 Creative Founders Conference, Part 2!

We're recapping our 2016 Creative Founders Conference. Today is Part 2!  Click here for Part 1 of our conference recap.


Creative Founders Conference


We ended day 2 of our conference with a great off-site dinner at The Fish House in Pensacola, where our attendees were treated to fresh seafood cuisine. Not only was the food great, but the menu itself was amazing! It was printed on acrylic by SCF Conference Alum, Nadine Eiserer of EnDash Designs. Everyone was wowed by this special detail.


Creative Founders Conference Dinner




After a fun dinner in a great local restaurant, and a day full of information, we all headed back to the Lee House. But the night didn't end there. Many of our attendees got into cozy clothes and talked late into the night about their questions and hopes for their businesses. The late night porch chats are so valuable because they create a sense of community.



The next day began our third and final day. It started with Olivia Omega presenting our "Your Call" session. This session goes in depth about marketing --goals, tactics, strategy, research, implementation and evaluation. Olivia is a great person to speak at this session because she is a marketing master. Her many years of experience in the marketing field both for herself and her clients helped to make it clear to our attendees what things they should focus on to grow their business.




There were also a few breakout sessions after Olivia's session with our speakers that included Making the Leap to Your Own Online Shop with Cathy Olson, Utilizing Styled Stock Photography to Develop a Cohesive Brand with Cara McGrady, Selling on Etsy and Transitioning to Your Online Shop with Valerie McKeehan, and Developing YOUR Marketing Plan with Olivia Omega.


The afternoon ended with our "Your Plan" session with Jennifer Faught. This is the session that brings it all together. This is where our attendees work on their plans by building a vision and making the plans to reach that vision. They are able to plan for success and set reachable, measurable goals for themselves. The goals are divided into yearly and monthly goals and tasks to make it manageable and also to show a path to take to achieve them. This was a powerful session in that our attendees are able to leave with a plan to set their goals in motion. We are always so excited to watch them get excited about what they are going to do to make their businesses grow.




After the "Your Plan" session, it was time to get glammed up for our graduation dinner. Our event planner and SCF Conference Alum, Kristin Wilson of Grace and Serendipity, set up a beautiful graduation dinner for our attendees. There were personalized marble tiles for place settings, a beautiful hand-lettered print from SCF Conference Alum Janna Wilson Designs, and a gorgeous centerpiece that included candlelight and gorgeous flowers. It helped to set-up a very special evening. All of our attendees got up to speak about what they have learned and what they are going to do once they leave. It was a very emotional night as we could see how much everyone bonded and how much everyone was cheering each other on. We love that our attendees were able to bond and build relationships!




The next day, a few of our attendees signed up to have one-on-one coaching sessions with our speakers. It was a great way for them to bring everything together and talk to our speakers about their specific business. It helped to bring clarity and they were able to discuss their questions more in-depth.  A one-on-one session helps to figure out where to go next with the long list of action items that our attendees usually have at the end of our conferences.




There were lots of hugs as we said goodbye to our attendees. We can't wait to watch their businesses grow and flourish!


If you think this conference is right for you, learn more about our 2018 conference here.


All photos by Florida and destination photographer, Ashley Victoria Photography