Announcing A New Speaker For 2012!

  The co-hosts of the 2012 Stationery Academy, Whitney English Kolb and Natalie Chang, are delighted to announce that a special guest speaker will be joining the Stationery Academy workshop this year.

Amber Housley will be joining the Stationery Academy and sharing her thoughts on marketing in the social media and creative space. As a creative social media expert, lifestyle blogger, and designer, Amber's knack for expanding a brand in the online space is becoming widely known.

Housley says: "I'm very excited and honored to be speaking at Stationery Academy. One part of my personal mission is to help other creative businesses grow and expand by implementing smart marketing strategies. I can't wait to meet the new 'class' of designers and to share some of my own personal insights and business practices that have been successful for my business."

Amber Housley first met Whitney English Kolb and Natalie Chang at the inaugural session of Stationery Academy in 2011. Kolb and Chang were impressed with Housley's graciously ambitious goals, and asked her to join them for their 2012 session.

The Stationery Academy is gearing up for a second sold-out year. Hosted in Pensacola, Florida July 26-29, 2012, the workshop intensive will consist of multiple sessions covering best practices for business and branding in the stationery industry and creative fields.

Founded in 2011 by Emily Ley and Whitney English Kolb, the Stationery Academy is a business and branding workshop intensive designed to inspire and motivate stationers, designers, and creative entrepreneurs across the world.

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