Alumni Spotlight: Susan Brown of For Pete’s Sake Pottery

Susan Brown of For Pete's Sake Pottery

It always amazes me at how creative all of the women are that we have attend our Conference each year. This past fall, Susan Brown of For Pete’s Sake Pottery joined us for the first time and it has been absolutely inspiring seeing her business grow the way it has in the months since those four days together last October.

Today, we wanted to catch up with Susan and share more with you about this incredibly talented ceramics artist, who has a distinct style and point of view with charming handpainted pieces you can recognize instantly. Her business has truly transformed with everything she has put into place, and as Susan puts it herself, it is definitely a year she is soaring.

Read on below to learn all about Susan Brown of For Pete’s Sake Pottery!

Do you consider yourself a maker, an artist, or a designer, or a mix of them all?

I consider myself a mixture of them all. I love to design, create, paint, cut, paste etc. I think we all fit in this category as creatives.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from just able anywhere. It might be a photo and experience or just talking with someone. I love and live by the quote " There is inspiration everywhere".

What do you most like to create, or what is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite medium is ceramics. I love to paint and am better with a brush than a pen. With ceramics, you paint and really don't know how it will look until it is fired in the kiln. I love the element of surprise. Every time I open the kiln, it feels like Christmas morning. Most days I gasp in delight.


How did you learn to do what you do now?

Mini Pumpkin Set - Susan Brown of For Pete's Sake Pottery

I have always been a maker and creator. I've been peddling my wares since grade school. I did a concentrated art study in high school and majored in Graphic Design. You need to understand this was a good old fashion "cut and paste" major. Digital art was making its debut when I graduated. So. if your computer goes down, call me. I can cut and paste like a champ.

What is one of the favorite pieces you have ever created?

For Petes Sake Pottery - Susan Brown

Wow. This is hard. I feel like every day I have a new love or appreciation for something I've made. Change is so good. I think my current favorite is my mini pumpkin set. It was a huge hit last fall and blue is my favorite color. They are so cute and stylish.

What is a highlight of your year so far?

I believe it would have to be my SCF Alumni Retreat to Denver in January of this year. I decided to attend knowing I would never stop working long enough to plan my year. I went hoping to find clarity and did just that. It all started with an email in the airport on the way home.

After 4 days with my new best friends, I had clarity, a plan and had taken back the power I had given my clients. I am now in control and my business is better than ever. My word of the year was SOAR and I am doing just that.

What does your future look like? Do you have a new collection, a product launch, etc?

I am soaring and it feels great! This year, I have launched my new brand designed by the amazing SCF Alum, Susannah Carpenter with Hello Ginger. My work was also chosen to be in our Omni Hotel market for the Kentucky Derby. This is huge! My most exciting event is coming up on Saturday, April 27, I am having a trunk show at Draper James in Lexington. This is a dream come true!!!


What has your experience been like with the Society for Creative Founders?

I attended the Fall 2018 Conference and the January 2019 Alumni Retreat. Both were an amazing experience. This was honestly one of the best investments in my business to date. I learned so much, gave myself permission to excel and met the most amazing tribe of women.

Kristin and my fellow Alums have all been there for me every step of the way. I know I can call, email or group chat with any alum and find the help, support or source that I need. SCF is so much more than a conference or a retreat. It is now my lifeline.

One highlight that has stuck with me since the fall is meeting and hearing Emily Ley's story. Her words were powerful and resonated so deeply in me. She said, "sometimes you have to prune your flowers so you can blossom". I left conference, did just that with the support of my tribe and have not looked back. Thank you, Emily!

If you could offer ONE piece of advice to a fellow creative, what would it be?

Reach for the moon and get a star. Nothing is beyond your reach.


Alumni Spotlight - Susan Brown of For Pete's Sake Pottery
Learn more about Susan Brown of For Pete's Sake Pottery

I create custom, hand-painted pottery for the classic woman with a modern twist and a strong desire for a monogram. I believe in Kentucky charm, classic designs that have meaning, blue and white, and chinoiserie.

My tableware, decor, personalized gifts and heirloom pottery are each painted by hand and crafted lovingly for you to treasure for years to come.

Keep up with Susan and support her business here:  
Website | Facebook | Instagram | For Pete’s Sake Pottery Etsy Shop

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