Alumni Spotlight: Carla Rippstein

Today we are shining the spotlight on Carla Rippstein, who attended both our 2014 Chicago and 2016 Pensacola conference, and is currently working as our Content Marketing Coordinator. Keep reading to find out her story.

Carla Rippstein headshot
Carla Rippstein headshot

Why did you start your business? Tell us your story.

A year after discovering the world of party printables in 2011 (when my youngest daughter turned 1), I started Paper & Party Love. We were living in Switzerland at the time and it was difficult to get different / themed party supplies. I decided to open up a party supply shop in addition to designing party printables. At first I rented some space in a children’s shop in my town. After a while, I moved everything to an online shop. After a few months of selling in both areas, I found that being solely online was the best path for my business.

Where are you now? What has your journey since Stationery Academy

(now known as Society for Creative Founders)

looked like?

My journey has not been a straight path, that’s for sure! In early 2015, I moved back to the United States with my family after about 10 years in Switzerland. Before I left, I sold the online shop to another business and kept my company’s name and designs. In November, I saw that Jennifer was looking for a content marketing coordinator. Since I was still getting settled and hadn’t quite started back up yet, I decided to apply for the job. After attending the Chicago conference in 2014, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the team since I really believed that they do so much to help creative business owners. At that time, I also signed up for the 2016 conference in Pensacola and thought after that would be the time to restart my shop again.

Fast forward to today, and I got the job with Jennifer (yay!) and am now working as the Content Marketing Coordinator for the Society for Creative Founders. I love working with Jennifer and have learned so much in just a few months. It has made me realize that my strengths lie in helping other creative business owners with the things that they don’t always have time for. I am now pursuing that path instead, and in addition to working with Creative Founders, I have also started working with a couple of other companies helping them with their social media and marketing related tasks.

Who has inspired you the most from the Stationery Academy

(now known as Society for Creative Founders)


It is very difficult to choose just one person! So I will pick Jennifer Faught. She is inspiring in that she works so hard to build this community for all of us. It is a wonderful place for advice and shows that we can be a community without competition even though we are all in similar businesses. She’s also inspired me to focus, work smart, and do what is in my heart.

What has been the highlight of your year?

The highlight of my year business-wise has been getting hired by some incredible companies to do something I’m good at and like doing. I’m now on a solid, profitable path where I see career growth and the potential for success and happiness in areas that I like to be involved in.

Do you have a favorite memory from the Stationery Academy Conference 

(now known as the Society for Creative Founders Conference)


Aside from the graduation dinners, which are amazing and really cement the community, I love the one-on-one sessions that I have signed up for at both of the conferences that I have attended. They are a great way to meet with the speakers and talk specifically about your business. It has helped me so much to realize what path I should take in terms of impact, growth and happiness.


How has SA

(now known as Society for Creative Founders)

continued to shape your path?

It has helped me to realize that everyone struggles with their business and nobody can do it all themselves. We need a community to talk to and confide in, especially when not everyone quite “gets” what we do. Knowing that there are people I can talk to when I have a question or want to discuss something business related has been great for me. It's given me a lot more confidence too!

What’s in your future?

Well, I’m not 100% sure what that will look like yet, but I do know that I would like to continue working with Jennifer and other creative entrepreneurs. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where it will all take me!

Jennifer, here. I'm delighted to have Carla on our team here at the Society for Creative Founders. She is kind and talented, as well the person behind-the-scenes keeping all our content  here on the blog, as well as social media and email, organized. She has been a huge support and contributor to our social media strategy, so I can focus on developing content for training opportunities and our community's future. Welcome to the team, Carla!