ACTION is the foundational key to all success.

I looked up this week and realized that we only have about 85 business days left in the year.


Isn’t that crazy?!


If you take out the hoildays, we really only have 60 business days left to get things done.


Not to put you on the spot, but... did you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? Do you feel like you reached those goals yet?


If the answer is no, that is okay. We are all super busy and life can take its own course. To get back on track, you have to start NOW. Your goals can’t be a "future thing”. It has to be right now.


There is greatness in the moment. You have to choose to be great in the moment to get things done. Be like the olympic hopeful every morning at 5am, practicing for greatness. They are great in practice - in the moment.


You must do things differently to reach these goals. Because if you haven’t reached the goals you set for yourself this year, you aren’t going to reach them doing the same thing.


Diffusion results in mediocrity. Excellence is born in focus. 


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You should put your blinders on and focus. Do a batch day - crank out your work. Be hyper-focused. Turn off email, and social media notifications.


Here’s how to get it all done:


1. There is power in 3’s.
Pick 3 things to get done this year, this month, this week, and today. Spend 80% of your time focusing on those three things.


Ask youself often, “Is this what I am supposed to be doing right now? Is this the best use of my time?” Set a timer for every hour to alert you to get back on track with your top 3.


2. Create a Plan. 
If I know that I want to lanch, create, sell, or design something by the end of the year, I will write out every single detailed step that I need to do in order to complete that goal. Then, I will assign dates to each task and work backwards. Look at your entire year and see what you actually have time to accomplish. Those deadlines go in my planner or on the calendar, and I make sure to focus 80% of my time on that task for the day. Another tip: I usually make my deadline a Wednesday, instead of a Friday. I encourage you guys to write it down, create a vision board, then go EXECUTE.


3. Find Capability Partners
It is so important to find peers to help you be capable of reaching your goals. I cannot stress enough the importance of finding community - somethng more in depth than an email or a Facebook group. You have to get in each other’s business and actually talk to people.


If you can do these three things then you can reach your goal(s) before the end of the year.


ACTION is the foundational key to all success.




The end of the year is HERE! Don’t get overwhelmed! Make a plan! You can do it!


P.S. One of the things we’ll be doing in our Creative’s Academy online course is assigning capability partners to those who want them. It's the exact same content we cover at #statacad but, in a 7-week online course. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about finding community that fits your needs, and more about the business course, you can learn more here.


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