About Page Best Practices

Creating An About Page That Will Tell Your Story

Your about page is in the top 3 pages that your website visitors visit first. Is yours collecting dust? Have you changed it since you first built your site? You should be thinking of your About page as a sales page. The key is making a connection with the reader. Below are simple rules of an effective website About page, how you can make connections, build rapport and increase your conversion rates.



Tweet It: "Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued–when they can give and receive without judgement." Brene Brown #statacad

Who Are You?

Tell your story. How are you qualified to sell your product or service? Showing why you love what you do is extremely important in gaining trust and confidence in you. Your ideal clients will connect with you if you tell your story, authentically. Stories are how we learn best and how we remember.

Your Headshot.

Use a professional headshot, not the selfie of yourself on vacation.You look more professional and committed to your business. It doesn't have to be stuffy, but it should convey who you authentically are as a business owner.

Sell Yourself.

Tell your potential customers or clients exactly what they will get  and be as specific as possible. Don't be cheesy or sleazy. Use simple language. You're not trying to please everyone so be upfront about what you offer and how you work with clients.

Your Contact Information.

Include your contact info, not just a contact form, to build trust again. An email that goes directly into space without confirmation of receipt is unnerving. It should go without saying, make sure to follow up with all inquiries within a reasonable amount to time and communicate what that timeframe will be with your contact information.

Include Testimonials.

Testimonials are vital to building trust. It's much easier for your customers to sell your product or service than it is for you. When you do it, it's marketing. When they do it, it's proof that what you do meets a need or solves a problem. You could also include industry endorsements in this section of your About Page as well. A simple tip: listen to the words your customers are using in their feedback and

Include Video.

Video has been proven to increase sales. A one minute video can say one million words. You are more likely to rank first on Google when you use video on your site because it increases search engine optimization, it keeps people on your site longer and converts more sales. Including a video on your website will set you apart and make your site more memorable.

Include Email Opt-Ins.

Are you capturing the emails of your visitors? Creating an opt-in form is an easy way to add more people to an email newsletter (which is an entirely different topic!) and you should be creating something that hits your customers inbox on a normal basis.

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