A Note from Kristin | Fall 2018 Edition

A Note from Kristin - Society for Creative Founders, Fall 2018

Dear Entrepreneur,

Today is the 29th of October, and 2018 is winding down, with only 9 (!!!) weeks remaining. Whether you are a shop owner who is about to experience their busiest season yet or you are an invitation designer whose “busy season” is coming to a close, today I wanted to write a little note to encourage you, from a personal perspective.

We just wrapped up our Fall 2018 Conference and it was one of the best experiences yet. I know that we say that every time but in all honesty, I really do wonder if we will ever be able to top this experience that these women had. We took a huge leap of faith by taking a chance on having our Conference out to a beach house rather than in a traditional hotel or a bed and breakfast as we had previously, and I’ll be 100% honest. Making that choice was terrifying. Without having traditional hotel amenities or a staff available to help us if anything went awry, even knowing that a hurricane could come and make our house unusable instantly, it was with butterflies aplenty that I signed the contract to have it there.

However, once we arrived, got everything situated, after playing what felt like the longest game of furniture Tetris known to make everything fit just so, it was set up and ready to welcome in our attendees, and all of those fears we had initially were completely washed away by the time our Conference came to a close.

When everyone walked in, you could see it in their eyes. Excitement, nerves, and giddiness enveloped the room, and every single woman couldn’t take their eyes off of the beautiful water that was quietly serenading us all weekend long.

You have heard us say it time and again, that this Conference Experience will change you in the best way possible, and I hands down believe it. I have witnessed it too many times at this point not to fully believe in it. However, it all comes from a mindset shift that takes place. Every now and then, you can literally see the lightbulb go off and a breakthrough take place, whether it’s in the room with 26 other women or in a quiet conversation that takes place between two souls sitting quietly in rocking chairs at the end of the day.

Don't just think about the woman you want to become, wake up and BE her. - note from Kristin, Fall 2018 - Society for Creative Founders

And it is all because that person decided to act upon what was placed on their hearts to do, that person decided it was time to make a change, to wake up and be the person that she wanted to be. Sometimes its due to an unmissable influence from a higher power (like my own experience at our Conference this year) but sometimes, it’s simply because that person decides to listen to the voice inside of her heart telling her to go and be the person she was meant to be.

So to you, who is reading this today, if there is something that you want to do in this one wild and beautiful life, what is holding you back, what is stopping you from pursuing it wholeheartedly??

As we move forward into the final nine weeks that 2018 holds, I want you to think about that question, and answer me this: If there is only ONE thing that you are able to accomplish before the calendar flips to 2019 and we look back at all that 2018 held, what would it be? Perhaps you want to learn a new skill or finally get your finances organized. Perhaps you want to develop a solid, incredible workflow so that you can process orders like a well-oiled machine, or work on your client experience so that your word of mouth marketing is the only form of advertising that you need to “pay” for in the years ahead. Perhaps it’s that you want to simply have a better work-life balance, or begin working on what will be your first collection, or hire an employee to help you with #allthethings as you celebrate your 25th.

Perhaps it’s that you want to slow down and savor this season of life you are in, or work just a little harder so that you can turn in your notice to your corporate 9-5 job and make this thing that you want to do your full time business, where you can say, yes, I am an entrepreneur, and yes, this is my full time job.

Whatever it is that you want to make happen in these final few weeks of 2018, I wholeheartedly hope that you will pursue them in a way that you have only excitement as 2019 begins. Cheers to having an incredible rest of the year, to becoming the woman you were meant to be.


p.s. We are taking our own advice on this topic, and are sharing a week long of exciting announcements with you. Make sure to follow along on Instagram to hear what we’ve been working on for you!

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