A Note from Kristin as we Begin 2018

A Note from Kristin as We Begin 2018 - Society for Creative Founders
A Note from Kristin as We Begin 2018 - Society for Creative Founders

Hi everyone, and happy New Year! I wanted to start off the year with a short note from me to all of you.  The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, and it’s really hard to believe that it has only been four months since our Announcement, isn’t it?!  In this time, a lot of changes have taken place, some which have been visible, others which have been hours upon hours of work behind the scenes learning the ins and outs of how this business is set up.  

And most importantly, you have been at the forefront for every single decision that has been made for Creative Founders moving forward.It is incredibly important to me that when you spend time with us, whether if it’s on our website reading a blog post, interacting with us on social media, attending our Conference or a webinar or in any other way, you feel it is time well spent.  

On the homepage of our website, the very first thing you read is that the Society for Creative Founders is this:

“a supportive, community-driven environment for makers, artists, and designers that provides the knowledge, tools, and encouragement you need to grow your business like a Creative Founder.”

When I stepped into this role, right at the beginning of it all, I wrote out that sentence in big bold letters and washi-taped it to my wall in my office.  Since then, I designed a print with it written, framed it, and put in a prominent spot that I see every single day.  Everything we create or plan, every blog post I write, every person that I talk to about teaching a class, doing a webinar, or other things I can’t share publicly quite yet ;) ,  I look at those words and ask myself if we are accomplishing that mission.  If the answer is no or even maybe, we put it on the digital shelf until we can change it, or take the time to make it better.  If the answer is yes, I can feel it in my soul and know that if one person will learn something they need to from what we are doing, then we have made the right choice.

The more that we add, remove, adjust, and implement things that are designed specifically for you, the more that I feel that the Society for Creative Founders is moving into an incredibly exciting season, more importantly, the right one for what women need in their businesses.

This year, we have our first Alumni Retreat (which, at the time this post is published, is only four short days away!) with 8 of our Alumni on Pensacola Beach. Make sure to keep up with us on our Instagram stories if you want to see what we are doing!  I loved starting the year with this and know our alums are too.  In April, we have our 2018 Conference taking place (there are just a few seats remaining if you would like to join us!), and our Community is growing, becoming stronger by the day.  We have started new groups and Masterclasses within the Community itself and we are already seeing results for the women who joined us within the group.  We have additional things coming in the summer and the fall, and I know that they’re all going to be impactful and helpful in their own ways.

Later this month, we’ll be opening a new Community group for all of our members, including the women who have joined us previously in our Conference, Course, or Intensive. My goal within our group that we start later this month is for all of us to learn and grow from each other, because I believe so strongly in the community over competition mindset.  Alone we can do a little, but together we can do so much more.

Last August when we first announced everything, I had the confidence I could do this, but also nerves upon nerves about stepping into this role.  Jennifer created something amazing, and I knew I had incredibly big shoes to fill.  As I am settling more and more of a routine and finding my way more every single day, I definitely still have nerves, but also excitement, even more passion about this business, and the knowledge and confidence that what we are doing is truly helping women to create a profitable, sustainable business that they absolutely love.

I have a tendency to write a lot and get long winded, and so I don’t want to add too much more to this post.  However, I do want to close with this.  I am here for you.  Everything that we do here at the Society for Creative Founders is for you.  If there is something that you need help with, or want to learn about, or wish we did here, contact us to let us know,  so that we can learn how we can help you even more.  I  hope that this year is one of your best in your business yet, filled with good growth, knowledge that you learn and implement, a year where you gain even more confidence in everything you do, and that a year from now you look back and are proud of how far you’ve come.  

I hope this year is filled with moments that have you doing happy dances and tossing confetti, whether it’s accomplishing a tremendous goal and even celebrating the little things that have your heart absolutely thrilled - because the joy is absolutely found in the journey, whether you are just beginning or have been doing this for years.

It is an honor to be here with you, and I hope that you know just how much I appreciate every single one of you, how much I believe in every single one of you, and how excited I am for where the Society for Creative Founders is going.  Cheers to having an amazing year, for each and every one of you.