A Do Over: 2 Things I Would Have Done Differently In My Creative Business

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from our attendees and coaching clients is, “What would you do differently if you could start your business over again?", or "What do you wish you knew when you were first starting your creative business?". The first thing, I had to think about a bit. I think we’ve all had some regrets for the decisions we’ve made in our creative business. And the second, I didn’t even hesitate to know exactly what I would have done differently.

Watch our video newsletter below to learn what those regrets were for me.

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First, I would have raised my prices and charged what I was worth. 

You must Price your product based on value too. In the absence of value, cost is everything. What you put in the gap between price vs. value is what differentiates you from the competition.

So, I want you to ask yourself, what are some things that only you offer to your clients? This is what you build your business on - your value proposition.

Second, the one I didn’t hesitate on, is finding a community of like-minded creative business owners, which was the game-changer in my business.

It started with me attending the Inspired Retreat, a conference that I just spoke at last week, hosted by Amber Housley – a Stationery Academy alumni and former speaker. When I met women who were just like me, with the same struggles and the same joys and the same passions, that is when it all changed for the better and my business took off.

I formed incredible relationships and friendships from Stationery Academy and have a network of amazing women all living their entrepreneurial dream. We engage and support each other both online and in person.

I know that is what a lot of you are looking for, so we want to make sure you find a way connect with each other here with Stationery Academy, whether you are in the stationery industry or not.

I also wanted to let you guys know that we are hosting a Stationery Academy booth at the National Stationery Show again this year. We have 4 amazingly talented designers joining us in the booth: Dorothy Art, Lionheart Prints, Southern Fried Design Barn, and Stephanie Creekmur.

I’ve seen their new wholesale lines and truly unique and awesome. You can keep up with us on Instagram by following each of them and with #booth2630. More to come about all the prepping for the show in the coming weeks that you can see watch unfold on Instargram.

If you are going to be at the National Stationery Show, (it is something you can walk for free as a designer or retailer) I hope you’ll stop by and say hello to us!

You can easily walk the show as a newbie in just a day by flying in on Saturday night, spending the day on Sunday at the show and flying home on Sunday evening. It’s worth it if you can make it happen. There is so much inspiration and so many people to meet.

If you are in the stationery industry, the Stationery Show is the one time of year our industry gets together. There are parties and suppliers you can talk to so you can find new vendors for your products, and it is a really great venue for you to meet other people and understand the stationery and product world a little better. This show has SO much more than just stationery.

We’ll also be taking appointments for in-person, one-on-one consulting. If you’d like to snag one of the 6 spots we’ll have available in New York during the show, send us a quick email, and we can set up a time to meet and help you with your stationery or product business. Look for more on that soon too!

Our Speaker Call for the Summer 2015 Stationery Academy session ends today.

We already have a few awesome speakers that you are going to want to hear from that we’ll announce in our next newsletter.

There are only 6 seats available and you are going to be really excited to hear who we’ve been chatting with as a keynote speaker for July. You won’t want to miss out on her story and her session.

If you are thinking about purchasing one of those last few seats, you may be asking yourself, “is Stationery Academy right for me?”, or “do I have to be in the stationery industry for it to work for me?”. Which is the second most frequent question I receive.

Well, it is right for you if you have an online store, brick and mortar store, or Etsy shop where you sell any type of product. Or, if you are in a service industry, like a graphic designer or illustrator. So, you don’t need to consider yourself in the stationery or gift industry for Stationery Academy to be a perfect fit for you.

In fact, we’ve had photographers, interior designers, event planners, and bloggers attend who have found it as a great fit. Plus, as soon as you graduate, you’re a part of an exclusive community who will welcome you with open arms as alumni with access to our private alumni forum.

You can read more about what our alumni think over on our testimonials page.

I hope this has been helpful for you. I’d love to hear from you – we give out a lot of “homework” at Stationery Academy and in our online sister course, Creative’s Academy, so I want to give you some homework for today.


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