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Featured Artist: Sarah Roberson of The Redheaded Camel

If you suddenly found yourself with a broken back at 16 years old and saw that your competitive dance days were over, how would you overcome it? Sarah Roberson of The Redheaded Camel turned her pain into paintings and now, has found incredible success as a lettering artist who creates handpainted happiness every single day. She attended our Conference in the Spring of 2018 and returned again in the Fall, and the growth she has seen this year as a both outwardly with her business and intrinsically as an entrepreneur as she continues to move her business forward has been absolutely amazing to watch.

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Fall Creative Founders Conference Speaker Erin Kendrick

This month, we’re going to be sharing about each of our Speakers individually and share more about what each of them will be speaking on for our Fall Creative Founders Conference. We are continuing this series today with the powerful Erin Kendrick of Erin is Creative!

Erin is a visual artist from Jacksonville, Florida who’s color rich, acrylic ink-stained works of art seek to inspire a dialogue about contemporary spectatorship and the power of language as it relates to perceptions of and about black women. She has exhibited work in museums, galleries and alternative spaces throughout the southeastern United States. Erin has completely come into her own, distinctive, entirely unique element as an artist, and she is someone I am thrilled will be with us at the Conference this fall.

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Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Shelly

When it comes to planning for your business, have you ever wondered how the people who design the planners you use come to creating the specific items for you?

Or,  are you perhaps wondering what a planner would suggest to help you to plan for your own business?

Well today you are in luck, because we have the incredible Ashley Shelly on the blog for an Alumni Spotlight!

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Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Coats of MalWest Design

When it comes to making a shift in your business, how do you create your own artistic journey, and build a business you love at the same time? Mallory is here on our blog today talking about exactly that.  As the owner of Malwest Design, she recently launched MalWest Market and today she's sharing a bit about her journey thus far.

Read on to learn more about Mallory, Malwest Design, and Malwest Market!

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Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats

Today we are thrilled to continue our Alumni Spotlights on our blog with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats!  Each week, we ask our Alumni questions about what they're up to, along with asking them how they would encourage you.  Read below for our mini interview with Kelsey, where shares about her course, her upcoming book, and more!

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Asana for Makers - A Course to Help you Organize #allthethings

There are so many different tools available these days that you can use within your business to keep things organized.  You can use post-it notes, a notebook or a planner, a digital system, or keep it all in your head. The number one thing is to find a system that works for YOU. We use Asana for our day-to-day everything in tandem with Trello, and today we wanted to share an awesome course that was created by Janet of Paper and Spark to help you to learn not only how to use Asana, but also how to use it to plan out all the things you could possibly need for your business.

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Product Spotlight: The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair

Today on the Blog, we are sharing about a brand new product making it's debut tomorrow, The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair! Pre-Orders begin on Valentine's Day, and we are so excited this is finally out in the world after a long time of planning and creation.  Read all of the incredible details below, as written by Hope! 

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Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Turner

We are so excited to talk to Stephanie Turner today for our Creative Founders spotlight! Stephanie is the designer behind Duffy Design Co., and invitation and custom design shop. She is a graduate of our Intensive Program and lives in Michigan. She has always loved design and after getting a degree in the medical field, decided to go after her passion and become a graphic designer. Read more about Stephanie's journey below!

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Alumni Spotlight: Carrie Postma of Codex Planner

We're so excited to highlight Carrie Postma, who is the Creative Founder behind The Codex Planner. Carrie is a graphic designer, mom to three teens and a graduate of the SCF Intensive Course. She created the Codex Planner to encourage a more intentional relationship with God. She saw a hole in the world of planners and so the Codex Planner was born! Read on to find out more about Carrie!

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Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Elwell, on Implementing Systems in your Business

Welcome to our founder spotlight! As part of our new SCF community, we've asked a few of our members to be SCF advisors. We're highlighting them and this week, we are talking to Jennifer Elwell. Jennifer is the founder behind Tales of a Peanut, a place for planners and organizational charts for women.

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Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Hull on Making Personal Connections and Learning to Be Yourself

Welcome to our founder spotlight! As part of our new SCF Community, we've asked a few of our members to be SCF Advisors. We're highlighting our them this week, we're talking to Caroline Hull. She is the artist and designer behind the "green without the granola" cards, notepads, and paper products from Caroline Creates

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Alumni Spotlight - Kelly Parker Smith on the Flexibility of Being a Creative Business Owner

As part of our new SCF Community, we've asked a few members to be SCF Advisors. They're here to help you out if you have questions and to encourage the Creative Founders in our community. We'll be introducing them to you here every week. First up is Kelly Parker Smith, a SCF Course alum, who is the designer behind the gorgeous stamps at Hello World Paper Co. Get to know a bit more about Kelly below:

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