7 Unspoken Rules for Walking The National Stationery Show

NSS-2016-Printswell-Booth-National-Stationery-show-creative-founders-stationery-academy-05 Even if you never intend to “go wholesale”, NSS is a great place to network, be inspired, and gain more insight into the paper and gift industry. If you are in the industry, you to walk the show.

This year, we'll be in the walking the show on Sunday. You can find us hanging out with long-time sponsors Printswell Fulfillment in booth 2833 in the Supply Side from 11am-2pm. We'd love to chat with you, plus we have an art print for each of you. If you missed our Periscope this week, you can review it below!


7 Unspoken Rules for Walking The National Stationery Show As A Designer (show etiquette)

  1. Wear your badge. Don’t be sketchy. We’re happy to talk to new designers and people who want to exhibit in the future, but we need to know who you are. Exhibitors don’t want to make the mistake of thinking you’re a buyer and waste their time talking to you over someone one who may be interested in placing an order. Or worse, if you don’t wear your badge and you’re being weird, exhibitors think you may be scoping their work to copy it.
  2. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Tell us whey you're hear and engage us with a smile. Be nice! These exhibitors have worked really hard. They are stressed to the max. They’ve just spent months preparing for this and spent thousands of dollars to exhibit at the show. They’re tired and stressed. Be supportive and happy for them for what they’ve accomplished.
  3. Don’t ask for proprietary information. Exhibitors have worked long and hard to gather quality and dependable vendors to produce their product. Honestly it’s none of your business. (That is what our conference is for!) This includes asking for a copy of their catalog or price sheet. Catalogs are really expensive to print and there are only enough for buyers to take with them.
  4. Don’t take pictures of anyone’s product or booth without asking permission first. It’s weird because exhibitors get nervous about having their work copied. So, ask first. And I hope before you ask, you’ve developed a relationship or started a conversation.
  5. If the booth is busy, and you see someone you want to talk to, come back later. Do not interrupt because the exhibitor may be talking to someone who is a buyer or the press. If you are in a conversation with an exhibitor and a retailer or press member walks in, step away or say you’ll come back. Exhibitors are there to sell - let them do their job.
  6. Check out the supply side. There is an entire section dedicated to vendors who can help you produce your product are located. Lots of fulfillment vendors are there: printers, paper suppliers, manufactures, gift product producers. We’ll be in booth 2833 on Sunday!
  7. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. NSS has overwhelming amount of creativity and inspiration. You may start to feel inadequate or unable to ever reach this level. Don’t compare your beginning or middle to someone else. You’ll get there!