6 Pillars of A Successful Creative Business: Your Client

We’re in the middle of a series of the 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business. These are the key areas that we believe you need to focus on to have a solid foundation in order to grow your business. This week, we’re focusing on Your Client.

How to understand your ideal client and get the results you want - Society for Creative Founders

How to understand your ideal client and get the results you want - Society for Creative Founders

Jennifer, here.

By this point, we’ve all probably learned the lesson that you can’t be everything to everyone—and that trying to be is a sure-fire recipe for burnout and disappointment.

But that leaves one big question: Who


you for? That’s where this Pillar comes in. Understanding your ideal client in a real and meaningful way creates a solid base of knowledge from which you can create products and services and other offerings to bring you the sales and results you want.

Many of us struggle with decision­ making, but when working in this Pillar in particular, you’ll have to make some choices about who you’re creating your products and services for. You can always go back and refine your understanding later, but don’t shy away from decisions.

We’ve all be through workshops or read blog posts on ideal client. It’s one of the most over-­taught topics. I hope to cover it a bit differently in our blog today.

We know how to define them and we know how to create great experiences, but how well are you really doing it?

We usually think of great client experiences as including a small gift or a handwritten note in our orders, but there are some intangible ways to make your clients value you more. These may be less exciting, but they are important.Simplifying and streamlining processes isn’t always fun, but you’ll thank yourself down the road!

We’ve created a worksheet to help you work through your client experience and list of “surprise & delight” ideas that you can download



There are 4 types of client experience:

1. Simplifying and Streamlining Processes

2. Education and Instruction

3. Gifts, Extras, and Personal Touches

4. Ideas and Inspiration

Simplifying and streamlining processes is about making sure the process of buying from you and interacting with you is as easy as possible.

Education and instruction is about answering questions you know people will have is a simple but effective way to make potential clients and current clients feel like you know them and understand what they need.

When you send something extra to your clients when they purchase a product or even just a personal welcome email when they purchase or even just sign up for your email list, you make them feel extra­ special and you show them that you care.

And including inspiration for using your product or ideas about how to use it in a different way may be just the thing to surprise and delight with ideas and inspiration.

It really can be as simple as walking around the checkout counter with your bag of goodies, like Nordstrom does. Don’t overthink it and be realistic.

Does your ideas really make sense for you, your business, and for your ideal clients? Is it something you can realistically do, or that you’re willing to hire someone to help you do? You don’t have to take action on all of these ideas at once; instead, what you’re creating is a big ­picture view of the changes you want to make.

You can download our list of client experience ideas and brainstorm ideas for your client experience



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