How to use Instagram Polls for your Creative Business

5 Ways to use Instagram Polls through Instagram Stories for your Creative Business
5 Ways to use Instagram Polls through Instagram Stories for your Creative Business

Yes!  You can now run Instagram Polls through the Stories function of Instagram!

I have to admit, I got pretty excited when I saw this pop up under the "new" button for Instagram Stories.   (if you want to see our current poll, visit us on Instagram here!) When Instagram Polls came about, I knew that it would be something amazing and just might be shouting my excitement from the rooftop of my office!


The way that polls work are pretty straightforward. Open up the stories section of your Instagram, add a background or a photo, and then swipe up to reveal the "stickers" where you'll see an option for "Poll". You then ask a question and set up two options with short captions where people can tap to vote, and then they can instantly see the results after. There are SO many ways you can use Instagram Polls by using this function, both for fun and for a distinct purpose. You can learn more about your followers, increase engagement, and entice them to view your stories more, as they can come back to the story at anytime within that 24 hour period to see which one is "winning".  It doesn't show them how many people have voted for each, but it is available for you in your analytics for the story when you swipe up.

In the analytics, you'll see:

  • who participated in your poll
  • which one they voted for
  • how many votes each one has

This is a great way to increase engagement and also learn more about your followers, and honestly is one I am pretty excited about as well!

Here are Five Different Ways that you can use Instagram Polls for your business to get you started.


1.  If you have your content categories set up for your blog and posts are written, do a poll to see what blog post people would want to see next.

For example, if you are a designer and doing a blog post on color palettes, give them two options in an Instagram Poll and see which gets the vote.  This also will show you potential color trends that people are leaning towards currently. If you already have the content created, this can be an easy thing to adapt easily to, especially if you have an editorial calendar already created but are able to switch out what specific topics you discuss in the categories.

2.  Ask what content they want to see more of.

We can look at analtyics and analyze our posts each week, but sometimes simply coming out and asking people what they want to see more of can let them know that (1) you are tuned in to what they are looking for and (2) you want to hear more from them and want to create content they are looking for, which will thus increase your engagement. This also may help you to see if people want to see more behind the scenes or more of your finished projects.

3.  If you are shop owner, do a poll on shop items!

For example, do an Instagram Poll to vote for two different items in your shop to see which is their favorite. This will not only show them what you have in stock, it will also give them the opportunity to buy said item if you put a link to it in the story that follows.

4.  If you are a business who works with clients, poll what is important for them and also how to make their experience of deciding to work with you better.

For example, do they prefer email or phone calls?  If they require proofs for design, would they like to use a digital platform to communicate (like Trello) or keep it all in email? This is a way that they can also learn more about the process of working with you, and see what the experience may be like.  You can also do a poll and then in the next story explain why you do things in a certain way for your business, thus increasing your expertise factor if they are deciding to hire you.

5.  Have Fun with it!

For example, do a poll with emojis ... coffee or tea?  (coffee, obviously ???? )  Morning Person or Night Owl?  All of these will not only increase the knowledge you have of the followers but also learn more about you, especially if you answer with YOUR vote in the same or following story.

Overall, we love this new addition of Instagram Polls and think it will be a great way for people to learn more about their followers while also increasing engagement. Are you as excited about this new functionality as we are? How are you going to use it for your own business, or what other ideas do you have on how to use polls for your business? Share with us in the comments below!

5 Ways to use Instagram Polls through Instagram Stories for your Creative Business
5 Ways to use Instagram Polls through Instagram Stories for your Creative Business