Registration for our 2018 Conference is Now Open!

Creative Founders Conference 2018 - Registration is Now Open!
Creative Founders Conference 2018 - Registration is Now Open!

Will you be joining us for our next Creative Founders Conference?

Today is such an exciting day, because registration is now open for our 2018 Creative Founders Conference!

This year we will be in Pensacola, Florida, from April 15-18, 2018.  Our annual conference is a a three day, all-inclusive workshop experience that helps artists, makers, and designers go from 1,001 ideas to getting clarity for the best ideas to execute by designing developing a clear direction for your business so you know where to go next.

As a Creative Business Owner,

• You have 1,001 ideas and aren’t sure which are the best ones to execute.

• You’re tired of working like crazy for what seems like little reward.

• You’re working so hard to increase your revenue but it isn’t growing as fast as you’d like.

• You’re doing it all, which is a heavy burden and you know you can’t keep up at this pace.

• Your online community isn’t what you really need anymore - you want to form personal friendships with people who are in your specific industry.

You know that this is YOUR year. You are ready to make the changes to help your business, your relationships, AND your life to flourish.

Right now, you may feel overwhelmed, feel burnt out, frustrated you aren’t in the mindset to plan, stuck, or uninspired.

The Creative Founders Conference is exactly what you’ve been looking for to help you feel inspired, in control, and confident in your work and your dreams. And we have experience in your specific industry.

What makes the Creative Founders Conference different?

It forces you to get it done in three days by immersing you in our proven steps to give you a specific plan and roadmap to follow for your business this year and well beyond. We don’t talk at you and leave with you with a ton of homework afterward. We work through every step with you so you have a roadmap at the end to is so clear, you’ll know exactly what to do when you get home. We incorporate business goal setting, financial forecasting and your marketing plan into one roadmap for 2018 - these all work together - we cover all aspects of a creative business for stationers, illustrators, designers and Etsy shop owners who are designing their own private-label products.

We bring in speakers who are experts in their creative fields,

with a schedule that builds on so many different touchpoints that are imperative to growing a business you will love, spread out over three full days. We even spend time on the beautiful Gulf Coast at Pensacola Beach, with your toes in the white sand, giving yourself the time to process everything with fresh air and waves surrounding you.

Will you be one of the 20 women who joins us for the 2018 Conference? If what you read above speaks to where you are in this season, I certainly hope so.  Registration is now open!

For more details and information, visit our 2018 Creative Founders Conference page here.