2018 Creative Founders Conference | A Note from Kristin

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It is Monday, April 23rd, and a week ago today we were all sitting together in a room at The Lee House.  At this time, Tiffany was teaching the Brand Module and more than anything else, everyone was thick in the middle of learning new things.  Our Conference this year was FILLED with learning moments left and right.

As we put our Conference together every year, we always have one question in mind:  How will this benefit the 20 women who join us, and how will they be able to apply this after our time together?  Anything that we want to do, add, remove, or change is based on this question, and this year was no different.

To the 20 women who joined us and the 7 speakers who poured their hearts into the attendees when they were there, I hope that this week left you feeling changed, uplifted, and more than anything else, ready for the next step that is running an amazing creative business.  At a later date we will do a full recap of all of the details for our Conference, but for today, I wanted to share my thoughts with you in the form of a letter to the attendees. Enjoy!

Creative Founders 2018 Conference Note from Kristin - Lee House Pensacola

Dear 2018 Conference Attendees,

I have been trying to put into words my emotions about the entire week that we all just experienced and I keep coming back to this one word:


I am grateful that you decided to take the leap and step out of your comfort zone so that you can make changes in your business that will take it to the next level.

I am grateful that each one of you made true, lasting connections with the women who shared this house with you, where you were able to meet people who get it and will become some of your biggest cheerleaders in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

I am grateful that the Society for Creative Founders gets to be a part of your story, no matter if you’ve been in business for 5 months or 5 years.

And more than anything else, I am grateful that I got to meet every single one of you.

2018 Creative Founders Conference - a Note from Kristin

A lot of times in today’s world we don’t get the chance to meet people in person - everything is done via screens.  However, taking the chance to step outside of those screens and actually chat with people in person brings things into a whole other light.  It helps you to form those lasting connections with people that will truly withstand the test of time and help you to move your business forward in ways you can’t even see yet.  Every single one of you is talented, gifted in your own unique ways, and has an incredible purpose in this world, and having a community of women beside you who can cheer you on all along the way is something that is worth far more than anything we can put a price on.

2018 Creative Founders Conference - Lee House Pensacola

I hope that you take the time in the days ahead to implement what you’ve learned.  Continue to flip through those pages in your workbooks where you jotted notes upon notes, looking back at the things you learned and the ideas you jotted down. Those ideas are not meant to simply be thoughts on a page, but rather ideas that you move forward and implement into your business so that you can make true changes and turn your business into one you absolutely LOVE, with a community of women right in there with you, cheering you on as you go.

2018 Creative Founders Conference -  Graduation Dinner

In the days ahead, there is no doubt that you’ll run into roadblocks, to things that make you want to shift your arms back to that oh-so-comfortable position, but I want to encourage you not to let that happen, to get comfortable in the new for a little while until it feels like it should have all along.

Just as Kaitlin’s print said to you, Never Give Up.  Just as Kristen Ley and her Thimblepress print said to you, Dream Big and Hustle Smart.  

2018 Creative Founders Conference - Lee House pensacola

All you need to do in the days ahead is start exactly where YOU are.  If you look at everyone else and what they’re doing, how will this work for you? You need to focus on what you need individually.  Settle into your mindset shift and know that you’ve got this. That you can do this, that you can push through the hard to get to the better.  You have got to choose to make a change, to choose to take your business seriously. You have to commit to doing things differently in order to move things forward in the best possible way.

Society for Creative Founders Conference Print - Letterpress by Czar Press for the 2018 Creative Founders Conference

Real progress happens when you make changes, and sticking to the plan you’ve created is a great way to make it happen.  Think about how you felt when everything started, and how you feel now. Look at all of the work you have done and the time and effort you’ve put in during this time here. Don’t let this time well spent become a distant memory that simply becomes notes on  a page.

2018 Creative Founders Conference - Lee House Pensacola Graduation Dinner

Think about the words shared in this room, the memories made in these four days, the thoughts and dreams that you wrote down, that you CAN implement with hard work and dedication.

I hope that you enjoyed your time at our Conference this year, and I can’t wait to see you soar in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.  You are fully capable of everything you can put your mind to - because you are a creative founder.

Until next time, friends. Know I am in your corner and cheering you on. You’ve got this!


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