The 2017 Fall Webinar Series is Here!

Society for Creative Founders 2017 Fall Webinar Series
Society for Creative Founders 2017 Fall Webinar Series

Hi everyone!  We are so excited that today is here.  After our announcement on Tuesday night, we wanted to go right back into what you have come to love about the Society for Creative Founders.   Keeping the focus on you and providing valuable educational tools and resources to help your business to grow.  So, today we can share with you that registration for our 2017 Fall Webinar Series is now available for you!

We have an incredible lineup of creative business owners where you will have many opportunities to learn new things to apply to your business.  Each webinar will be 60 minutes long, and contain no fluff, are content packed, actionable webinars where you leave with a plan in place, and every one of these we have planned for you are no different.

Each webinar will begin at 10am CST on the dates provided above. If you are unable to attend live, there will be a recording as well.  Seats to the webinars are available to purchase either individually or to purchase as a bundle deal. If you sign up for three or more, we have a special bonus webinar just for you!

Visit the registration page by clicking here!

We are pairing up with a few amazing women, leading off with Jennifer Faught on September 8th for your 2018 Plan.  Now is the best time to plan rather than waiting until the end of the year. Right now you are preparing for the busy holiday season. When it gets here, that's all you'll have time for - just getting orders out the door. Then, you'll have your own time with your family and time to recover and rest from the fast-paced life of a business owner in retail during the holidays.

Following Jennifer, Kristin Wilson will be talking about a topic she touched on at the 2017 Conference,  Five Steps to Defining your Niche.  If you find yourself wanting or needing to niche down your offerings a bit but you don't know how, this webinar is for you. Using a simplified who, what, where, when, and how method, you will learn the quickfire way to learn what sets your soul on fire the most while you're building a business you love.  This will turn you from the "I can be the say Yes to EVERYTHING because I can" creative business owner to the "I can be the say yes to ONLY THIS, because it sets my soul on fire" creative business owner.

The next webinar will be on October 13th, where Kristin will again be your host and teach you how to use Trello to make your client experience even better. Trello is an amazing business tool that you can use to communicate with your clients and enhance your Client Experience tremendously. By implementing this tool and creating shared boards for each of your different clients projects, you will be able to organize conversations, prioritize important details, make proofing clearer, and make the design process from initial design all the way to completion seamless and easy to replicate time and time again, which will therefore improve your clients experience with you.

*This webinar will be geared towards stationery and branding designers who want to use Trello to encompass communication, proofing, and organization with their clients.

Then, we're going to have Maghon with All She Wrote Notes lead the way in how to build your brand's presence online through social media. Maghon started her Instagram account @allshewrotenotes with just one follower back in 2013 which was herself on her other account! Since then, she has consistently built an engaged following of almost 25 thousand friends, fans and potential customers. In her colorful world of squares, she doesn’t use hashtags and she doesn’t buy into any of the “tricks” to gain more followers. She has built a relationship online that is true to her brand and most importantly true to who she is so that when people meet her offline, they feel like they’ve already been friends for years. In this webinar party, she will share her five best pieces of insta-advice on how you can strengthen your brand’s presence online.

Beginning in November, we will have Janet LeBlanc from Paper and Spark and Kelly from Hello World Paper Co. to host webinars for both systems and marketing for your shop.

In the Your Money webinar, Janet will cover how to get your financial system organized so you can stay on top of your money consistently and without the stress. We will discuss the tasks you should be checking off your list each month to keep your books in order, leaving you with an understanding of how good bookkeeping habits will actually benefit you, and not just make you feel overwhelmed. We’ll also review your big picture tax obligations so you can feel more confident about what to expect at the end of the year.

Our final webinar for the season will be with Kelly Parker Smith .  Marketing your online shop is all about choices and one of the biggest ones you will make is where your shop will live. Will you have your own website? Will you have an Etsy shop? Should you have both? In this webinar Kelly Parker Smith from Hello World Paper Co. and the Creative Biz Rebellion Podcast is going to chat about the powerful combination of a stand alone website and an Etsy shop for your product based businesses.

Kelly is going to discuss the benefits, the challenges, and the marketing strategies needed to run two successful shops online including understanding the difference between your online shop customer and your Etsy customer, deciding which online marketing strategies to implement, and how to present your brand online when you have multiple selling channels.

If you sign up for at least three webinars,  we  have one more bonus webinar that will be free for you to attend!  Kristin styles the majority of her photos on her Grace and Serendipity Instagram, and it is a topic that many people ask her how to learn more about. So, she is going to host a special bonus webinar that you can only participate in if you register for three or more webinars.  When it comes to sharing photos of your products or services online, how many of your images do you capture on your own that you think showcase your work beautifully? Do the photos you take and share on social media drive customers to your website, or do you delete them after you look at them? Perhaps it’s not knowing how to style your products, or you aren’t sure where to get supplies, or even that you haven’t found an easy photo editing app that you love. In this 60 minute webinar, you will learn the basics of product styling, apps for editing, prop-sourcing suggestions and "shoot day organization" to begin to enhance your images and share your work with the one camera you always have on hand and ready to go - your iPhone.

Overall, we hope that you love what we have planned for you! Registration is now open, so click here to visit the registration page and sign up for your favorites. It's going to be an amazing season with many opportunities to learn new things to apply to your business. We look forward to having you in our webinar classes this fall!

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