Creative Conference 2017 Dates

As an original creative conference, we've set the bar high in the experience department and want to welcome 20 new creative founders into our exclusive alumni next spring. 2017 Conference Dates

Our next conference will be held next March and we're heading back to the beautiful Lee House in Pensacola, Florida. This location was so perfect, we want to make it our permanent home! Make sure you mark your calendars for our 10th conference! For more info, and to find out when you can register, visit

Creative Conference for makers artists designers retreat

The Society for Creative Founders Conference is a retreat-like event, limited to just 20 attendees. The Lee House is a perfect setting for this creative conference for any kind of designer who is selling custom design or private label products of their own. It's a perfect blend of learning and community - and we believe those two things work best when they are hand-in-hand.

Creative Conference for makers artists designers retreat

You’re a maker, artist, or designer who’s building a business you’re proud of, whether full-time or as a side hustle. Climbing the corporate ladder is not your dream—you love being able to work your way. You pour your heart into your business and you take it seriously. You’re in this for real—it’s not just a hobby for you. But you also take your life seriously—you’re building a business to support your life, not the other way around.

You want the time and energy you spend on your business to be focused and productive—so you can get back to your dog, your kids, your friends, your life. Instead, you end up spending a lot of effort piecing together a series of courses, communities, and coaches that you hope will help move your business forward. But they don’t always pay off—and even when they do, you still have to spend time looking for the next right step to take. You end up feeling like a hit-or-miss detective rather than a founder.

And we want to change that. We help you create a strong foundation for your entire business within a supportive, intimate community. We know your frustrations because we’ve been where you are. This is a place where you gain the knowledge and skills you need to move your business forward—in a supportive environment with other creative business owners just like you, where you feel safe to share your struggles and your victories. You don’t need to consider yourself "in the stationery or gift industry" for this creative conference to be a perfect fit for you.

Creative Conference for makers artists designers retreat

Each all-inclusive day is packed with information, worksheets, breakout groups, demos and topics to take your creative business to the next level. This is no fluff. You'll leave with game-changing knowledge to run your business with clarity, strategy, & action, so you can build a living off your business and on your terms.

The Society for Creative Founders Conference (formerly Stationery Academy) is a retreat-like creative conference that happens over three and a half days, and is designed to re-focus and re-energize your business goals within a community of like-minded creatives. This all-inclusive experience will help you find clarity in the dreams you have and guidance from our experts and your peers with an on-going, elite community.

All photos by Ashley Victoria Photography