2015 Monthly Goal Planner

We've seen many of you using the 2015 Planning worksheet and posting your goals on Instagram. There is some exciting stuff happening in your creative businesses! IMG_3835

Now that you have your year planned out with your over-arching projects on the calendar, now's the time to put pen to paper and think through your quarter one goals and the steps you need to complete to reach them. In the image above, we've filled out a sample Monthly Goals and Tasks worksheet for someone trying to launch a new stationery line on her Etsy shop this year.

You can see how this maker used the over-arching goal of "developing new product for my Etsy shop" and the steps below, with deadlines to make it happen. This Etsy shop owner has taken the steps from sketching concepts, working on pricing and packaging, to designing and marketing her new line for the first month of quarter one. If she can stick to this schedule, she'll accomplish her goal and be able to generate more revenue for her shop in just one month.

Below, you can download our Monthly Goals and Tasks worksheet to get started on planning your next month. Here's how to use this worksheet:

  1. Write the month in the gold box, and then write e description of the goal you filled in from the 2015 Planning worksheet.
  2. Next, think through and write the tasks you will need to complete to reach your monthly goal. No particular order is needed.
  3. Date each task to give yourself a timeline of when each one should be complete.
  4. Use your day planner or calendar to transcribe each task to the due date on your calendar.

You can only really complete 3 tasks a day, so just focus on one of these tasks each day so you can work on other parts of your business, like fulfilling orders, or day-to-day duties. Try to complete a step fully before moving on to the next one. You'll feel like you've accomplished more by doing so and avoid burn out.

If you follow these simple ways to create, track and plan your goals, you'll be well on the way to a more productive year that will  bring you more revenue because you are working smarter, not harder. Holding yourself accountable is the biggest part!

You can download both the 2015 Planning and Monthly Goals and Tasks Worksheets here. Fill it out and then tell us what your January goals are by using #statacad and tag us on Instagram (<—- this is the accountability part!)