5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Search Rank of Your Creative Business

As you start to think about your plans for this year, financial growth should always be included in the big picture. A sustainable creative business, one that provides you enough revenue to pay yourself regularly, should grow each year. One way is make sure you are filling up your sales funnel is by ranking high on website search engine results. People have to find you first. Many of us who have online shops are competing with big box stores in the e-commerce space. We must be nimble and smart about making sure we can be found in web searches alongside the big guys, even if your e-commerce platform comes with an audience, like Etsy.


If your Google rank could use some improvement, here are 5 simple and easy ways you can increase your website's search engine optimization, without calling a web developer:

  1. Use Wordpress. If you are using a site platform other than Wordpress, we highly encourage you to switch as soon as you can. Not only will Wordpress grow with your business, it has a ton of third-party customizations and it is the most SEO-friendly website platform. We know this isn't the easiest task to complete in just a month, but think about switching if you haven't already. If you're already on Wordpress, great! Check this one off your homework list.
  2.  Include video on your site. This is a secret weapon. Pages with video are 50 times more likely to get a higher page rank on Google, and it also increases engagement. Make sure to embed any videos hosted away from your site so you take advantage of increased SEO and any text describing your company or video. If you are looking to have a professional video created, our favorite videographer is Lindsey McClennahan, a Stationery Academy sponsor, and she travels! Lindsey and I also decided to record our conversation about video on a whim one day - here is the video Tips for Creating Great DIY Website Video.
  3. Update your about page. The about page is one of the top three pages that your website visitors will look at first. The about page shouldn't be about you. It should be about who you serve and why you do what you do. If yours is collecting dust, check out our post about how to create a stellar about page. Use your keywords in the text of your about page to help Google find your website. Google loves to use your about page in search results!
  4. Identify 5-7 keywords that are niche for your company and use them often. Try not to "stuff" them and use them too often (Google considers that spam), but sprinkle them throughout your website pages. Choose keywords that will differentiate you from the competition. If you are a local boutique, don't choose words like "unique gifts chicago". Instead, choose words like "organic baby gifts xyz stationery shop downtown chicago". You should be using Google Adwords already so make sure you check their Keyword Planner tool to help identify keywords in your category that will attracted the right customer. You should be looking for keywords that don't have the highest competition for rank, but do have high monthly searches.
  5. Name your website images using the keywords you identified in step four. Use dashes in between words so search engines can read them, like this: organic-baby-gifts-xyz-stationery-shop-downtown-chicago-001.jpg. We prefer dashes instead of underscores because they can you can easily double-click individual words for changes. Total game changer…trust us!

Homework: Complete or start planning for the 5 things above. Make a note of where you started on Google and see where you end up - check back in a month from now to see if your site has moved up on the page. We bet it will!

We hope that the work we put into our posts are helpful to you, and we hope you'll let us know by sharing your improvement with us on social media. Use #statacad and tag us with a screenshot of your results on Google! We can't wait to see how you do.