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The Society for Creative Founders blends community and learning to create a supportive environment where artists, makers, and designers receive the tools, knowledge, and encouragement they need to grow their business like a creative founder. 

Our Community is made up of so many women — dreamers, makers, thinkers, artists, creatives; and each person working together makes it what it is.

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Running a business is hard.  Being a creative individual and trying to build a sustainable, profitable business you love is hard.  And the Society for Creative Founders is built entirely upon the premise of helping you where you need it most.  From building a solid foundation to launching a product collection, figuring out the financial side of things so that you can set yourself up for success and determining how to best plan everything out in a way that works for you, your business, and in your life. We are here to help you every step of the way.

This community of creative founders is here for you, and we want to welcome you with open arms into a place that is here to give you the tools, knowledge, and encouragement that you need in order to grow your business well.

We hope that each day, whether you're working in or on your business, is one that stirs your soul with happiness and confidence every single day, and we hope what you learn while you're here will do just that.

Kristin Wilson - owner of Society for Creative Founders

In order to make sure that the Society for Creative Founders is continually providing the resources, tools, and education you need to grow a business you love every single day, someone has to be steering the ship ... and that's where I come in.

Hi! I’m Kristin Wilson, the owner of the Society for Creative Founders.  I began with a career in education, starting a wedding business on the side in 2010.  A month after my daughter was born in 2012, I took my business full-time so that I could be at home raising her while building a business I absolutely loved.

However, while I loved what I was doing, it was lonely. Going from being surrounded by people to suddenly being all by yourself was hard, and it was frustrating trying to learn the things I knew I needed to, in order to grow my business well.  We didn't have online communities, Facebook groups, or even Pinterest to learn from when I first started out as an entrepreneur, so I spent a lot of time googling and watching YouTube videos to learn everything I could.  One evening, when one of those fateful Google searches landed me upon the Society for Creative Founders website (which at the time was known as Stationery Academy), I knew that this was different.

Everything changed for me when I took the leap and first walked into the Conference in 2015.  I found myself surrounded by like-minded creatives who were all encouraging, inspiring, and most of all, a community of women where I felt like I was home. Since attending the Conference, the majority of my custom wedding stationery business which I still run separately from the Society for Creative Founders has been molded by what is taught and what I have learned through this amazing community.  I fully believe that what we teach here can help you wherever you are in your journey.

On a personal note, I am a wife and mama to three boisterous kiddos, that we should listen to those little whispers that guide our path, and that life is meant to be celebrated.  On any given day, you can find me with reheated coffee in hand and an acoustic playlist humming softly in the background, wholeheartedly pursuing the adventures that life places in my path.  Anything done in letterpress is my love language, and not one day goes by that I am not grateful that I have the opportunity to work with so many women who are each incredible entrepreneurs in their own, unique ways.


No matter where you begin, we’re here to help you with the
tools and support you need to
grow your business like a creative founder while building friendships with women who are right there with you, all along the way.

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We see you, both for where you are now and where you want your business to be. We know you have the heart to grow your business into something incredible, and we want to help you to achieve all that and more. We hope you will join us at the Conference, become a member of the Community, or spend some time reading the blog.