Queen Room 3 with Hall Bath Conference Registration

Queen Room 3 with Hall Bath Conference Registration

2,099.00 2,399.00

Queen Bedroom - 4 People per room

This is for a Queen Room Registration which guarantees you will be in one of the Queen Room Suites in the beach house. This particular registration is for 4 people to a room, with two people sharing a Queen sized bed, for four people total in the room.

The bathroom is in the hall across the bedroom for this room.

**If you would like to register with the Payment Plan rate, enter the code “QUEEN3PAYMENTPLAN” when checking out and you will be able to register today for $599.

For the Queen Room 3 Payment Plan at the Early Bird Rate, the remaining 3 payments would be $500, processed on the 7th of the month for July, August, and September after paying the $599 deposit upon registration.

*Your room may not be the same as the one pictured.


“Conference Companion” Bonus!

Do you have a fellow creative entrepreneur friend that wants to come with you, where you would be able to be roommates? If you both register at the same room registration for the King or one of the Queen Rooms and include that you would like to be roommates with each other when you submit your registration, you’ll each receive an additional $100 off your registration rate!

*Please note, this bonus is only valid if you both register for the same room for this additional rate to apply, and you must both include each others names on the roommate request form when you initially register. Complete the Registration form as normal, and if you pay in full, the additional $100 will be returned to you within 48 hours after both of your registrations come through. If you register with the Payment plan, $100 will be deducted from your final monthly payment.

This is only valid if there are two spots remaining in this room. Once there is only one spot left in this room, this bonus will be removed from this room.


Included in your Conference Registration:

  • Conference Experience + All Meals:  including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from Thursday - Sunday

  • 2 Online Classes with Kristin prior to the Conference beginning on Your Client and Your Brand

  • 6 Month Membership to the Creative Founders Community beginning as soon as you register (our Community is currently on a waitlist to join, Membership re-opens in the Fall of this year!)

  • Early Registration Attendees:  A 60 minute one-on-one call with Kristin prior to the Conference beginning so that we can help you where you are before our Conference begins

  • 3 nights Accommodations (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at our beach house
    + Complimentary Accommodations for Sunday evening if needed

  • Conference Workbook customized to this Fall's specific content

  • Invaluable Vendor Information

  • Meaningful Swag from Alumni + Vendor Sponsors who want to support YOU

  • Fun + Delightful Surprises along the way

  • Alumni Rates for Future Events

  • A genuine community of fellow creatives to encourage you and help you continue to learn what you need in your business, on your journey long after you attend