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Society for Creative Founders - You are a Creative Founder

You’re an artist maker, or designer who’s building a business you’re proud of, whether full-time or as a side hustle.  Climbing the corporate ladder is not your dream—you love being able to work your way.

You pour your heart into your business and you take it seriously, knowing this is what you are meant to do.

You’re in this for real—it’s not just a hobby for you.  However, you also know that your business is meant to support your life, not have your life revolve around your business. 

But it’s not easy to grow your business like a founder, and you know you don't want to do it alone.

Society for Creative Founders

You want the time and energy you spend on your business to be focused and productive, so that you can spend time building a life as you are building an incredible business.

However, there is a lot of information available to you these days.  So you end up spending a lot of time piecing together a series of things that you hope will help move your business forward, spending hours hoping to find communities, courses, and coaches that will work specifically for where you are in your business.

But. they don’t always pay off. And even when they do, you still have to spend time looking for the next right step to take.

So you end up feeling like a hit-or-miss detective rather than a founder.

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We believe your business needs both a supportive community and a strong foundation to grow—and we think they work best together.

Everything we offer is built on two things: engaging in an encouraging community and growing through the Six Pillars of a Successful Creative Business.  We rotate through our Six Pillars with everything rooted in helping you to continually move your business forward.

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At the heart of the Society for Creative Founders

Society for Creative Founders Community
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This is a supportive, members-only group of women filled with ongoing connection and encouragement with monthly classes, a private group, a continually growing resource library, along with growing relationships along the way.

Our Membership Community is open to join three times per year, and will open again in January. Learn more and join the waitlist by clicking the button below.

We fully believe that in-person experiences make can incredible differences in your journey, so we hold an annual Conference Experience to immerse yourself in the Six Pillars, where you set aside dedicated time to work through each one and create a solid foundation for your business while building new friendships along the way.

The Creative Founders Community provides an ongoing community with a wealth of resources to help you grow, but if you want to work through our proven Six Pillar system start to finish in a setting that we know works phenomenally well, we recommend joining us at our Annual Conference.  We keep it small, with 25 women attendees who are able to join us each year.  We bring in speakers who are experts in their fields to teach the Six Pillars in their own style, and the entire experience is all-inclusive.

All you need to do is get here, and we take care of the rest.  Our Conference is different from so many others - and we pride ourselves upon that. We maintain incredibly high standards and strive to make it a personalized experience from the moment you register to join us. Our Fall 2019 Experience will be our 14th Conference ... and it has proven effective time and time again for our Attendees who have joined us.


Ready to start growing your business like a creative founder today?

Sign up below and we’ll add you to The Founders Collective, a monthly note directly from us to you which shares monthly tips, tools, and education for specific topics each month centered around growing your business, no matter where you are in your journey..

Catch up on the Blog

Our blog is where we focus on giving you the education you need to grow your business like a creative founder.  We rotate through our six pillars with a new theme every month, that directly correlates with the class being taught in our Community as well.